How Do I Get My Money Back From A Money-gram Money Order Purchased At A Wal-Mart That Never Got To The Herbal Store But Was Cashed? I Sent $15.00 Extra In Cash (mistake) To Money-gram For A Copy Of It But Nothing In Return Except It's Been Cashed.?


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I had the same problem and called money gram. The won't take them back at Walmart but if you go to a check cashing place and write "Not used for purpose intended" on the back of the money order and sign it (in front of the clerk) and they will cash it for you. You have to word it EXACTLY like that and they HAVE to see you sign it.
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First of all how long is a MoneyGram good for and how do I go about getting my money back once I have made it out to someone and they returned it because they didnt want to except it as payment  thank you Rose
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Well, I answered an e.mail to adopt a savannah kitten. The kitten is located on the island of Jersey. The e.mail I received stated that I could visit to view the kittens, then when I said that I would collect, the seller had a previous bad experience when a buyer went to the location, there was an accident and the kittens were lost. 

My gut feeling is, this doesn't sound genuine. She then suggested money gram and that I should trust her that the kitten would arrive at its location. She is asking £100.00, as kittens are free of charge. Is this a scam? What should I do?

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Can I get my money back from a money gram as I pay it to day
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I don't believe you can get your money back on a money order purchased at WalMart. They do not sell insurance on the money order, and that is why they only cost .60cents. If you go to the Post Office or a bank, the money order will cost a lot more, but, that is because if it gets lost or stolen, you can get your money back.
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I got a serouis quesstion reguarding my "MONEYGRAM,money order" I made out a money order for 50.00 last friday (money orders expire a year if not used or cashed within a year of purchase") For my grandmother's rent and acctsidently wrote her housing facilitys name on the "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" section. If i goto a bank or check cashing place will they give me the 50.00 in cash ????If i tell them it was a mistake and i need the cash back!?

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