How Do You Spell Marilyn?


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The name Marilyn is spelt with a Capital or an uppercase M as it is a proper noun, otherwise the spelling remains the same. The name is spelt as M-a-r-I-l-y-n and its proper form is Marilyn. Marilyn is actually a girl's name that is pronounced as MARE-a-lin. It is believed to be of English origin and is believed to a combination of the Names Mary and Lynn. The former is believed to mean star in Latin and the latter is believed to mean the sea and is believed to be of Gaelic origin. The name Marilyn has sixteen variations including Marillyn, Marilee, Marralynn, Maralin etc.

It is best known as the name of American starlet Marilyn Monroe, who became known as an American sex symbol. Other notable people include Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Chris, and Marilyn Tan etc.

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