What Kinds Of Comedy Are There?


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There are many kinds of comedy out there so much so that often they are divided in different ways. Like music different genres of comedy can blend so sometimes its hard to label a certain type of comedy to a movie or piece of literature. Here is how I put types of comedies into genres:

Situational Comedy: Which is…
Slapstick - A form of situational comedy that includes chases, collisions and practical jokes where people are doing silly things such as tripping, falling over themselves just to make people laugh an older style of stage comedy that requires self embarrassment.
Practical - Pranks, stunts, jokes that purposely makes someone feel foolish or victimized, usually for humor. It can easily be done to your friends.
Blunder - This is a genre of humor, which involves a character or a comedian making foolish mistakes, which seem humorous to others.

Dark Comedy: A comedy that is based on topics that the general public may find strongly offensive. Such a death, crime, religion, etc.
Sub genres on dark comedies are: Satire, Gallows humor, and farce.

Irony: A comedy that involves incongruity between what is expected and what occurs and hence is a popular type of humor. Irony is portrayed through words or actions to express something completely different from the literal meaning.

Word Play and wisecrack: Word comedy such as a witty remark about a particular person or thing that is thrown in at a perfect timing, or employing puns/word blending and rhymes to a conversation. Word irony and sarcasm are also used. Form of high comedy.

Parody: You probably already know what this is.

There are other kinds of comedies out there but I find these are the most definitive.
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The several kinds of comedy are: Anecdotes, banter, blunder, burlesque, dark comedy, freudian slip, high comedy, melodrama, irony, repartee, satire, slapstick comedy, sitcom, stand-up comedy. Situation Comedy which is often referred to as sitcom is the most popular, I think. Sitcoms started with radio but it has found a great and wider appeal with televisions. It features recurring characters in a common environment such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue. Sitcoms have a storyline revolving around a comedic drama with ongoing characters.

E.g PhoneShop is a sitcom and follows the story of recent graduate Christopher who does one day trial in a mobile phone shop. It's a comedic drama where the storyline is Christopher has to learn the tricks of the trade fast to keep his job. It is a nice show and one of my favorites. I heard a DVD of the series is due sometime this year. And I am looking forward to it.

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