Is Barbie Too Skinny To Be A Good Role Model?


4 Answers

Lu Lu or Amanda Johnsoooooon Profile
I think so.. Because no person in real life looks like that.. And if you were to take the proportions that barbie is made into then she would be way off.. Her legs would be too longa nd her waist would go in too far... Everything is unproportional..
Melli Sykes Profile
Melli Sykes answered
I think that barbie is not too thin at all, she has been this way for years, and as a child we all knew that she was just a toy made in some factory in china. I played with barbie as a child and I was too young to ecounter her weght anyway, so personaly I think barbie is fine for children to play with because they wont want to starve their selfes just to look like baribe.
Melanie  Szasz Profile
Melanie Szasz answered

Being skinny is good, and she shows that.

Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

Yeah. Although I wish I had her figure lol but now guys like curvy girls.

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