I Am Looking For Free Sheet Music For Aqua Harp by Animusic?


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I found this cool interactive sheet music for the Animusic song Aqua Harp on

It's written for a few different instruments: Harp, flute, violin and violoncello. 

You can view it online or download in PDF, MIDI, MP3 and MusicXML… all for free. The website also has a mobile app that you can use to access the score on your cell phone or tablet whenever you need. also has free, downloadable versions for other instruments too. Here's a version for the piano, and another for orchestral harp, pan flute, tubular bells, cello and violin.

Did you know?

Animusic is not really a band or DJ. Animusic is better described as a audio/visual company specializing in coupling 3D visualization with MIDI-based music. 

The American company is unique because the music drives the visuals - the graphics are programmed to follow the composition, so there is no animation guy scrubbing through the timeline of the music creating an animation for each and every second. 

Think of it as having specific visual movements programmed for each note, so the video "knows" where to go automatically.

Here's the video for Aqua Harp where you can see this technology in action:

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