What Are The Six Luckiest Numbers When Playing The Lotto (numbers 1 Through 47)?


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James Harden answered here is a useful website containing all Lotto number statistics. We can see from the link that the numbers that have come up most frequently in the history of Lotto are 38, 23, 43, 11, 44, 43, given in descending order of the frequency with which they have come up. However it should be noted that there are no "lucky numbers" as each ball has almost exactly the same probability of being picked by the machine. The errors deviate from random selection by such a small amount that for all intents and purposes the balls all have the same probability of being chosen. Though it might seem strange that whilst all the balls have the same probability of being chosen, some get chosen more than others, this is due to the normal distribution curve, which is what we would expect given chance drawings of numbers. One might argue that the drawing of lottery numbers is a deterministic process, since in the national lottery a machine consisting of rotating arms is used to draw the balls. Theoretically, the movement of the balls, given their starting position, mass, and the movements of the arms could all be determined to a great degree of accuracy if we knew all the specific starting conditions and how the rotating arm mechanism worked. However, we do not, and it is made sure that the balls are all equally weighted so that to all intents and purposes the balls are selected apparently entirely at random.

Alternatively, one could argue that the luckiest numbers are the next 6 that will get drawn. However, if I knew what they were I would be a far richer man than I currently am.
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14 22 26 41 42 11 I won the lottery jackpot of 52 million dollar with that number!
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7 9 11 24 42 12
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4 20 32 34 42 25
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Hahahahahaha and the answer is! The ones that hit for you and you alone, unless you are in a pool that hit then their numbers are the luckiest numbers for you. Or one of your relatives that hits the winning numbers and remembers who you are afterwards. : )

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