What Has An Eye But Can't See?


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This is one of the riddles that I heard growing up. My granny would ask me lots of these simple and interesting brain teasers. I would literaly rack my brains trying to figure out the answers. Because it was maddening for a kid like me. We were taught that the eyes serve the purpose of seeing. And then there was this question that said that there was something in this world that had an eye but could not see!

I would ask her and plead with her to tell me the answer, but she would not. Her logic being that since she asked me the question, she expected me to answer it, not get the answer from her. And that she she had all the time in the world to wait for an answer.

Years later I figured it out, without asking anyone,. It is the needle. The needle is the one that has one eye,at the tip, and that eye is not for the purpose of seeing.
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In the middle of a cyclone
The end of a needle
The spots on a potato
Spot on a peacocks tail
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Its a needle
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How the heck is it a needle?! Lol x I don't get it! Its asked me tht Question but needle wont fit in!

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