What Happened With Travis And Sara On The Bachelor?


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The Bachelor couple Travis and Sara has separated. In fact, this happened before the airing of the finale. Both have admitted about their split with a local tabloid, The Tennessean. One of the reasons they hinted for their break-up, was ABC's policy that the couple should refrain from meeting each other until the show's finale was aired.

Both the couple seemingly looked tired with the fantasy 'meeting-up' and then being thrown back into the absurd reality. Though Travis said that it was great that Sara came back to Nashville and lived in the same city as him, the fact that both had to live in such a manner negating each other's existence for 4 months, proved a tad too difficult for both of them. Sarah has also agreed that things would have been positively different if they had met each other under realistic circumstances. However both have agreed to remain friends.

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