Who Is Jeff Probst?


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Christopher Adam Profile
Jeff Probst (b. 1962) is the popular US television host who gained national name recognition for hosting 8 seasons of "Survivor," an American reality TV series. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University in Washington state. Probst is perhaps most famous for announcing at the end of each Survivor episode, which contestant has been voted off the island.

Probst also worked for Access Hollywood, an entertainment news program, as well as "Rock & Roll Jeopardy." As of late, the Survivor host has also appeared on the Regis and Kelly morning show several times.

In terms of his private life, an interesting bit of trivia concerns Probst's religion. The TV host is actually a minister of the Universal Life Church, a very liberal and perhaps even libertarian organization that allows its members to hold almost any peaceful, spiritual belief. The Church is also known for its very liberal views concerning ordination. Probst is divorced, but currently in a relationship with a former Survivor contestant.

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