What Did Nicole Richie Do To Lose All That Weight?


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Everyone around is talking about it. How did she do it? Many have a misconception that she is over doing drugs, is a patient of bulimia or anorexia. Well, that is not the case. The naughty Nichole has been dedicated and determined to loose weight and has undergone strict diet and training the last few months. Nichole is trained by her personal trainer under a strict 150 minutes routine everyday which includes 1 hour of weight training and 90 minutes cardio. She takes 2 egg whites and liquid protein diet for breakfast, 4 ounces of chicken and some greens for lunch and 4 ounces of fish and boiled vegetables for dinner. And no deserts please; just fruits. "A simple life" in the true sense.
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im so glad somebody said that. i actually like nicole richie and beleive she lost it without extreme diets or drugs.
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Lost all that weight without drugs?! Ha! You people have no clue.  I am an athlete who trains less than nicole richie allegedly does and have a hell of a lot more muscle.  I'm more inclined to believe that someone with a history of drug abuse is likely to be on something .  If she was prone to anorexia she would have had that ages ago surely and naturally being quite chubby, there are clearly over-eating issues there - I suggest that kind of uncontrollable hunger can only be supressed by drugs. And even the celebrities without real food issues take all  sorts to keep their weight down.  Why do you think so many of them keep going to hospital for exhaustion? Its drugs! Absolutely rife in hollywood.
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I have to say that there are different methods that one can use to lose weight from changing the diet that one follows, such as eating food or supplements, in other cases many times it does not affect what you eat so much if not that your metabolism is slow and you need resorting to more physical things such as Lipo Melt which also works and was what made me improve my shape. I suppose a similar method must have worked for Nicole Richie as well.

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In an interview that Vanity fair conducted with Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie's daughter, she admitted to being too skinny, and claims she does not know why, and that she even tried high calorie eating, to boost her weight gain.

She suggests it may be because she had been very upset, and unable to eat since her D.J. boyfriend left her, and she went through hell, they have since been reunited.

People continue to suspect her of being anorexic, and this dangerous disease, common among young women, is rarely admitted to by sufferers, they are usually in denial about it, it may result in death, in some cases.
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Nicole may have lost weight, however she is not all that healthy. She takes pills, that blocks fat and we all need some sort of fat in our diets. Eating healthy and exercising is your best method for weight loss.
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Nicole Richie lost weight because she saw [pictures of herself in the simple life season one, where she appeared to be a bit chubby. People think she has anorexia, but she is often photographed eating large portions of food.
She is currently dating Joel Madden Hilary Duff's ex boyfriend and she is putting on weight she is 39 kgs at the moment. She is also the daughter of Lionel Richie, not really the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie. Nicole Richie started taking drugs at the age of 13 and relies a lot on them in her day to day life.
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[[B:Nicole Richie lost weight from weight loss pills, which blocks the fat from going through and being stored as fat. She is also on drugs which make you lose weight......Nicole Richie is not healthy she has lost weight the bad way through pills and drugs!!!]]
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Her pregnancy helped a little bit. All that fat from her stomach from the baby in there made it a little less skinny. Yeah, lets just put it that way.

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