What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Had A Dream About You?


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The fact that he had a dream about you doesn't necessarily mean much - Elton John turned up in my dream last night - but the fact that he told you he had a dream about you means there's a good chance he likes you.

By telling you that he had a dream about you, he's letting you know that you were on his mind. A dream is "safe" though: We can't really choose what we dream about, so if you were to react negatively, he'd have that as an excuse.

How Can I Tell If He Likes Me, And What Can I Do To Let Him Know I Like Him Too?
  • Ask him about the dream, and maybe tease him lightly about it. Make sure he knows you're not creeped out or offended.
  • Next time you see him, ask him jokingly if he has dreamed about you again.
  • Don't tell him you dreamed about him too - not unless you actually did - because, although it'll show you're interested, it'll also seem pretty unimaginative.
  • If he says he dreamed that you did something together, like got ice-cream or went to the movies, you could suggest actually doing that. If his dream sounded like a date, he's probably asking in a roundabout way if you want to actually go on a date with him.
Admitting that you dreamed about someone is often an indirect way of letting them know that you're interested. Trust your intuition, though. There's always the chance that you popped up in his dream at random, and he's told you without thinking about how it could be interpreted!
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A guy I'm not dating, but know told me he had a dream about me.In fact, this is the second time he told me that he had a dream about me.The first time he told me, he said "I had a dream about you last night.I knocked and you let me in, we hung out and had a good time...then you kissed me" I didn't know how to respond at that time, but I blushed and I was embarrased to say the least.I responded very poorly with a "Oh?" lol. A few months ago, he came up to me and said "I was thinking about you last night.I had a dream, you were wearing a wedding dress.You looked so beautiful.I loved you.And then you kissed me and I kissed you" Again, I responded poorly.Because really, I don't know if he was making all this up just to have some gossip or just for kicks and giggles.
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It is his way of saying that he really does like you! But he is just scared to say it just like"I like you a lot."
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Well, of course, it means he has some kind of feeling for you. He's basically trying to tell you in a silent way, "I like you."
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It is very likely an indirect way of admitting that he visualized you while masturbating.
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I think it means he likes you because he was thinking of you all day, then he had a dream about you.

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