What Tattoos Do Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, And Eminem Have, And Where Are They Located?


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Nicolas Cage, Johny Depp and Eminem are all on the last of A-listers who have have gone under that buzzing needle and had their celebrity skins tattooed at one point or another. 

Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cage is rumoured to have several tattoos on his body, and there are paparazzi snaps of him sporting several different tattoos all over the internet. It is thought that the majority of the tattooos are fake designs linked to Cage's movie roles, but one verifiable tattoo that does adorn his body is of a top-hat wearing monitor lizard on his upper back.

One rather amusing internet rumour related to Cage and his tattoos is that, in his portrayal of Johnny Blaze, Cage found himself in the surreal situation of having to cover up his Ghost Rider tattoo for the filming of the movie Ghost Rider! ,

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp is another celebrity who has been seen in public sporting various tattoo designs that have subsequently disappeared. At the moment, it is suggested that Depp has a number of tattoos with one representing his Native American heritage, and another dedicated to the author Hunter S. Thompson, whom Depp portrayed in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Of all Depp's alleged tattoos, the one I find the most interesting is the 'wino forever' tattoo that appears in a banner on his upper arm. This tattoo was originally a tribute to his then-girlfriend Winona Rider, but after they split up Depp had the 'na' of Winona removed. For more information regarding the different tattoos that Johnny Depp is reported to have, why not check out this fansite.

Eminem - or Marshall Mathers as his driving license might say- is a rapper hailing from Detroit, Michigan. As is common in rap culture, Eminem has a number of tattoos on different parts of his body. Of particular note are the tattoos dedicated to his daughter Hailie Jade, with a detailed portrait of her on his upper right arm being the most recent, and a piece of script on his right forearm reading 'Hailie Jade', which dates from 1995- the year of his daughter's birth.
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Nicholas Cage is an American actor and he has a tattoo on his back. It is a large monitor lizard wearing a black top hat.

Johnny Depp is also a very famous American actor. He used to have a tattoo on his arm that read "Winona Forever". He put this tattoo on his arm in honor of his relationship with actress Winona Rider. However, when the couple separated, Johnny Depp had his tattoo message changed to read, "Wino Forever". This is the only real tattoo that Johnny Depp's has on his body.

Eminem is an American singer, song writer, and rapper. He has several tattoos all over his body. He has one tattoo on his left wrist that reads, "Slit here". He also has three tattoos in different places on his arms that read his daughter's name. His most distinguished tattoo is on his back and it is a picture of an open grave with the words "Rot in Pieces". This tattoo is dedicated by Eminem to Kim, his ex-wife.

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