How Was Charlize Theron Discovered?


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Charlize Theron was a South African-born actress who studied dance and modeling in Milan and New York before heading to Los Angeles to pursue her life long dream of being an actress. She loved acting. After several difficult months in Los Angeles, she was finally discovered in a Hollywood Boulevard bank. When the teller refused to cash an out-of-town check for her, she threw an enormous tantrum, which caught the attention of veteran talent manager, John Crosby, who was standing nearby in the bank. John Crosby handed her his business card as she was being thrown out of the bank.

After signing with John Crosby, she landed a star-making role as a sexy assassin in 1996's 'Days in the Valley'. She ended her association with John Crosby in 1997 and starred in such films as 'The Cider House Rules'

So, she was recognized when she least expected it as she displayed bad behavior over a banking transaction.

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