Who Was Brigitte Bardot And Was She Really Ugly At One Time In Her Life?


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Brigitte Bardot was a French actress who was born in 1934 in France. No one would have guessed that the young Brigitte Bardot would grow up to an international sex symbol. Her hair was thin and frizzy, and she always seemed to be suffering from very bad allergic reactions and rashes. She wore a pair of wire rimmed eyeglasses because of astigmatism and braces were put on to straighten her crooked teeth. Brigitte Bardot saw herself as homely, but in reality she was just plain. By the time she was fifteen years old, she was able to see the body and the face that would eventually make her famous. Nonetheless, she has never been very satisfied with her appearance and once said, "My nose is a very bad nose. When I meet a man, it wrinkles up, as if I was sniffing a bowl of milk. My mouth is not a good mouth. My upper lip is heavier and more swollen than the other. My cheeks are too round, and my eyes are too small."

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