What Is The "When You Cry I Cry" Song?


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When you cry I cry is a song by a dancehall boy's band from Jamaica. The band was formed in the 1990s and is called T.O.K. You can log on to this link to obtain the lyrics of the song "when you cry I cry" T.O.K is comprises of 4 young men who play reggae music. The original name of the band is "Touch of Klass". The name of this band has been changed several times to "Taking over Kingston" and also "Too Klaat". Now, they are just simply known as T.O.K. T.O.K. Takes its inspiration from a hit boy's band called Boyz to men.

The four members nick named Alex, Bay C, Craigy T and Flexx were choir members at Kinston high school in Jamaica. They began their music carrier with touring the local high schools and performance at the North Coast Hotel and Lounge. Initially, they used to perform song from Bob Marley and Ini Kamoze. The band reached its peak in the year 1996 with the hit single "Hardcore Lover".

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