Where Can I Buy Swamp Sunflower?


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Swamp sunflowers are a type of sunflowers that grow in bogs and swamps just as its name suggests. It is a perennial flower and is very showy and beautiful in appearance. It enhances the look of the garden and gives it a bright persona. The leaves of the swamp sunflower plant are very narrow. The scientific name of this flower is Helianthus angustifolius. It is also known by other names such as narrow leafed sunflower.

These flowers are very common in the eastern side of United States. You can get these flowers from the nearby nursery. You can also get it at the florists shop if you want only the flowers. You can also get it from the internet sites where you can order for the flowers or a plant for growing then in your garden. One such site is which is an online site for Plant Delights Nursery where you can buy the flowers of your choice form an online catalogue.

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