Where Can I Buy Ames Stone Edge?


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You can buy it from garden centres and some builder’s yards if they also include gardening stones and flags in their range. It is also possible to buy it from the Internet, but check out delivery charges first. The beauty of buying Ames stone edge is that, because it comes in boxes, you can buy just as much as you need. A box of Ames stone edge will cover approximately 10.5 ft.

You can use Ames stone edge anywhere in your garden where you want to create a border or separate one area from another. Because it is made from high quality durable resin it will weather better than natural stone so you can always have that professional look in your garden.

Besides looking good, Ames stone edge serves a practical purpose, too. By using it to edge flower beds, or on the edges of herb gardens and other areas that you have planted up, it will create a natural border that will prevent soil erosion, and so your plants will be protected.

Having Ames stone edge around a flower bed creates the illusion of your bed being framed so there will be a bigger dramatic effect that can be impressive. It also looks great as an edging for a lawn, and because it is resin it can stand a little higher than stone, and so is more distinctive.

Before you install Ames stone edge, cut away any overgrown ground cover with either a garden spade or a hoe. The edge needs to be clean cut so that you have a line that you can follow with the stone edge pieces. Tap the first piece into place using a rubber mallet, and then just slide the next piece into the groove. Repeat this process until you have completed the job.
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Last year I bought "Ames Stone edge -border Stone Edging." It was grey and looked like bricks that would be used on a home.  The no. Above the code was 2401100.  Where in Indianapolis, Indiana can I found this edging,.
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You can opt to purchase Ames stone edge from any leading store that deals in edging supplies. For instance it is sold at leading retailer Home Depot, Amazon website and (which helps compare prices).

The price range for Ames Stone Border Edging would typically range from 10 to about 15 dollars. It is meant to gives your landscaping a seemingly natural appearance with a nice look of slate textured edging. It is also supposed to be weather resistant.

For Ames website, visit you can check their full line catalogue from axes to decorative items to hoses and shovels.

For parts replacement from Ames, including additional corner sections needed to connect Ames Stone Edge Lawn Edging, visit

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