Where Can You Purchase MSG?


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MSG is the recognized abbreviation of monosodium glutamate. It is a salt of the glutemic acid and is used in many dishes particularly in the Chinese cuisine. It is used as a seasoning substance which enhances the taste of the food. But let me inform you that it is accused of causing migraine attacks on susceptible individuals and several other health hazards. You can easily buy it from food stores and spice shops.

Supermarkets also store MSG because it is a common ingredient in many foodstuffs nowadays. Just enquire at the nearest provision store or supermarket and even if you do not find it there some one there would be able to guide you as to where you would be able to get MSG in your vicinity. There are sites where you can buy MSG online but there is no need to spend more money on getting it delivered this way when you can get it easily by going to a shop personally.
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Depends on where you live, but at some grocery stores, it is sold with the spices, under the brand name "Accent".
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Monosodium glutamate, sodium glutamate, flavour enhancer 621, EU food additive code: E621, HS code: 29224220 (IUPAC name 2-aminopentanedioic acid. Also known as 2-aminoglutaric acid), commonly known as MSG, Ajinomoto, Vetsin, or Accent, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is a food additive and it is commonly marketed as a "flavour enhancer".

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