What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Movies?


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  • Advantages of watching movies
One of the main reasons and the main advantage of watching movies is simply for the pleasure of it. Some people forget that enjoying yourself is one of the most important things in life and we should regularly do things we enjoy to have a happy, healthy life. Many people find movies to be relaxing and a way to chill out and enjoy an evening.

Another advantage is the fact that some movies can be extremely educational. We can learn about a potentially unlimited amount of topics by watching movies. There are many movies about wars that teach us about the history of war; but movies do not just teach us facts or historical dates, they can also teach us about our emotions.

There are many sad films or happy films where we can see how other people have dealt with certain emotions and if it is done in a positive way we can use the experience of others and apply it to our own lives.

  • Disadvantages of watching movies
Some of the disadvantages to watching movies come from the fact they are often an unrealistic portrayal of life. We like movies to have a 'happily ever after' ending but in reality, this does not always happen.

In movies, the good guy always wins and the bad guy has to pay for their crimes, but we know this is not always how the world works.

Another disadvantage is the fact that people often spend a lot of their lives watching movies but there is no substitute for getting out there and living life. Some people spend too much time in the fantasy world of a movie when they should be facing reality.
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Depends on what your watching,vegging out,couch potatoe : ) or if your watching movies,shows that are educational.I watch what you could call short movies/clips on you tube,saves me a lot of time,money and effort when trying to do home repairs or truck repairs and even some tree removal. As a matter of fact this week a short educational auto repair vidia(reference to king of the hill)clips saved me 700 dollars this month by watching 3- 15 minutes videos on you tube.: ).plus some simple 6 minute videos saved me 50 dollars a pop for just replacing tail light bulbs and a headlight about getting your moneys worth. Oh! And few years ago vidia on believe it or knot/not a knot tying vidia : ) saved me 800 dollars along with 3 hours of my labor to take down a tree  by winching it over using a directional back notch cut and a line to line gripping knot to pull using another tree as a anchor.all I had to do was cut it up after felling it. : ) also learned the word/term  felling. : )
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If you just need to time pass then you can watch movies for sometime if you are a student then you have to avoid watching so much movies because it will affect your concentration so you can say if there are disadvantages then there are advantages also because people who work in entertainment world should have knowledge about movies and reviews
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Gain Knowledge.. -every movie..
Learn new Languages (foreign films) ex: Korean, jap, thai, hong kong, tamil
Learn about culture & tradition
As a form of relaxation after a long day at work/school
Gives a person motivation ( inspirational films) ex: Pursuit of Happyness, I AM SAM..

Yeah.. Thats about it at the moment..
But there's loads more actually.
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You can lose a grip on reality, especially with all the rubbish that's available these days. 75% of my local video store is crammed with DVDs depicting violence (even rated on the DVD case by degree .. Ie 'mildly violent')

Be selective and keep a sense of prospective...

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There is no advantage in watching movies. It affects your brain, your character, and totally spoils your mission of life. People who get trapped in this net (cinema) get addicted to it and reflect low cinematic values in their life.
Just think for a moment what do you really get out of it! It actually elongates your brain's sensitive nature.
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Disadvantage s are more than advantages

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Anonymous , advantage and disadvantages of watching movies from my experiences, answered

I agree to the fact that there are disadvantages about watching movies. I have experienced the disadvantages more than the advantages.

I came to know about the movies at the age of 7 or 8th years old. And that was the starting stage of destroying my own life. Starting from then I used to spend 24 hours of watching different of movies from bollywood, hollywood , horror , and xx rated movies.

My parents only showed me movies that has more knowledge and awareness. But they have not realized that I am watching more movies which are need not to be watched of certain age.

Kids or more like school kids should be watched upon by the parents of what sort of movies their children and how long they watch them.

My parents knows the fact that I am watching for many hours and they tried to stop me by talking to me but that did not work. So they simply waited to see that I change my mind or more get sick of watching too much. And it worked. I got sick of it.

But that did not change the fact that I wasted my time when I studied from 4 till 12th. My scores did not improve at all. Due to the mercy of God I passed my exams. I thought it was mere luck. BUt later I understood that God knows that I am smart and I am capable of doing great things if the addiction was out of my way.


To parents,

                Your childrens are great but have not realized the mistake they have taken by wasting their time through movies. You can help them and believe in them that they will change and fix their life like how I am doing right now. I am studying Visual communication. I am writing scripts for the hope that it can filmed.  

By the way, that was from my experience.

Here is the main point:

What I truly feel is that watch movies but not too much. If you love to watch movie make the habit of making a movie from your own interest.

To make movie, you need to study the existed movies. (That was my dad's advice.)

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Advantages-you don't have to know how to read.
Disadvantages-in a movie you can't fill in the pictures yourself like you do in books...
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Well, it is addictive and it is bad for ones eye. It can also make kids believe certain things or follow examples set in the television.
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Today, there is a cinema in almost every town. The cinema provides so much entertainment that few people fail to visit it.
It will entertain all the age peoples so its bacame popular.

Some films shows something about the activities and customs of the people in other lands by seeing this type of films we can able to know about different type of peoples different cultures but in some movies like faction and terror movies will give a bad influence on the peoples mindset. So from these films the peolpe are learing some of the bad things like how to kill etc. Always cinema is a combination of good and bad. It up to thier hands whether they are making use of it or there are spoiling thier life by seeing those

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