How Did Aleister Crowley Die?


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Aleister Crowley died of a breathing disorder on December 1, 1947. He was 72 years of age at that time. He died in Hastings Boarding House in England. The cause of death is said to be the addiction of heroin for many years and that eventually gave him respiratory infection which after a few years resulted in death. He was also a patient of asthma and bronchitis. There was a rumour that Crowley had cursed the doctor who had refused giving him his opiate prescription. The doctor died just 24 hours before Crowley's death.

Crowley had been sick for many days and was advised to stay to in bed till he recovered. It is also said though not reported that there was a black mass held at Crowley's funeral.

Aleister Crowley was a renowned occultist who was famous for writing his controversial book, The Book of Law. He became infamous for his anti-Christian beliefs and faith in all sorts of magic which was quite similarly to the beliefs of Satanism.

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