How Can I Apply For The X-Factor?


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Almost anyone can apply to appear on the television show X Factor, and the initial process is fairly simple.

The X Factor website has a page with an application form that you'll be able to load up during the window when the competition is accepting applications.

Alternatively, you could just keep an eye out for audition dates on the website and simply show up in person.

Applying for X Factor

Because the X Factor competition attempts to cast its net as wide as possible, organizers have made it possible to apply to appear on the show through a number of mediums.

These include:

  • The application form on the website (see link above)
  • Showing up in person and queuing up to register (be warned, it's a lengthy process)
  • Via the X Factor's official Facebook page

Who can apply for X Factor? Almost anyone is eligible to try their luck and apply for X Factor - you don't even need to be able to sing!

The only criteria that the producers of the show have set are that:

  • You are over 16 years of age
  • You are eligible to live and work in the UK
The application process can be rather lengthy and time-consuming based on the staggering numbers of people who apply to go on the show.
Organizers usually announce the venues that the show will be visiting in advance, and many candidates simply flock to the venue itself and register to perform in front of the notorious X Factor judges.

Although it may not be apparent from the TV broadcast, only a relatively small fraction of the people who turn up to an event actual make it through to the final judges. There are actually a number of smaller screening panels set up inside the venue that filter out potential talent.
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Anyone can apply for the X factor show. You can sit home and apply for it. All you have to do is download the application form from their official website. To download the form is absolutely free.

The application form consists of some regular questions about yourself and your talents. After you fill this form you will need to go for auditions.

Auditions are only held is selected cities. For X factor series 4 in 2007, the auditions are being held in the following cities: Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast and Manchester.

It is important thus, that you read all the terms and conditions before applying. You should be at least 16 years of age to participate in X-Factor and should meet all the other requirements mentioned on the application form.
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It's easy. All you do is go on to the X-Factor website (, click on register and it will tell you what to fill in.
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Go to the website and click on next year auditions and click on apply.

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