How Can I Contact Jeremy Sumpter For Free?


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I love him so much and always will so back off and hope he will do a movie soon !!!
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Jeremey Sumpter is a good looking actor who played the title role in the movie Peter Pan in the year 2003. He was born in the central part of California and spent most of his early days in Kentucky. He is presently 18 years old, having completed his last birthday on 5th February'1989 You can also go to his official website which pretty much covers everything from his biography to career-graph and from his hobbies to personal facts.

Jeremy Sumpter does not have an email address or may not be using it too often, given his busy schedule. However you can always dash a letter to him at the following address:
Jeremy Sumpter
P.O. Box 1549,
Studio City, CA 91614.
You can also email to Mark, Jeremy's manager. The email address is [email protected]
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By asking him to be my boyfriends
thanked the writer.
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Hiya jeremy! I think your great! I contacted your offcial website asking some questions wondered if you might be able to answer some of them? Thanks,xx

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