What Is Oberammergau Famous For?


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A small village located in the Bavarian Alps near Germany's border with Austria, Oberammergau is renowned all over the world for its Passion Play, the attraction of which draws visitors and tourists all over the world travel long and vast distances to see the eight-hour play, which was performed for the first time in the year 1634 in the church. The Passion Play, that is held every ten years, has a historical importance too and is presented in a huge theatre in the contemporary arena. It is divided into a series of different episodes. Each one of the episodes are introduced by the Passion chorus that is composed of around fifty singers. In addition to that, the Passion Play provides an opportunity for the entire town to participate in various aspects of it together, proffering them to symbolize their unity and signify their pride on one single platform, which is the Passion Play.

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