How Can I Make My Own Funny Pictures?


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Of course the simplest thing is to have a camera and be in the right place at the right time. On holiday is often a great place to see weird and funny things such as strangely translated road signs that look or sound a bit rude or funny.

If you don't quite have the luck of the Irish with you and you're not around at the right place and time, you can always make your own funny pictures using some computer software.

Take a photo of you or your friends and import it into a package such as one from the Corel Suite or perhaps Adobe Photoshop, then you can change the colours, highlight areas, stretch and change the shape of your features.

On an Apple Mac, they have a groovy little Photo Booth program that lets you take a photo with the built in camera and add cool and funny effects to it there and then.
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Pato have know under 350 hundreds photo effects on your pictures. There are many aplications wich you can change your family pictures but only few do it well. They suggest: 6 phantastic possible ways to create an amazing photos, better than effects on FluantR, better than Picnik photo editor, better than Tuxpi.

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