Does Anybody Know The Song That Goes, 'When I Count The Stars At Night, I Feel My Heart Beat And If The Storm Breaks Overhead - Well, Then I Can't Sleep. Set Me Free From Your Love'?


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That would be the Lost Soul mix of Set You Free by English dance music group N-Trance. The lyrics are totally different to the original mix, which is probably why you were having trouble finding the song!

The Lost Soul Mix was released in 1994, and is one of over twenty-five official remixes of the track.
Lyrics to Set You Free (Lost Soul Mix) by N-Trance When I count the stars at night, I feel my heart beat And if a storm breaks overhead, well then I can't sleep Like in a world where's there's no mistakes, you feel no sorrow But in a world where my heart still aches, there's not tomorrow Set me free, from your love x4 When I feel the days go by, the ones I'm wasting And when I pray to the golden sky, my soul is reaching Like in a world where it's never dark, you feel no sorrow But in a world where we're both apart, there's no tomorrow Set me free, from your love x4 Girl let me take your hand and take your mind of any other man 'Cause you're the only one I've been waiting for Like the three wise men searching for that star I need you girl to make my life complete I got my eyes on you I'm gonna follow with my feet Take your time to hear what I'm saying Give me your love without no delaying I'm just a man can't you understand Waiting on you girl both foot and hand Release you heart to the love I'm giving Give me the chance to show you how I'm living I'm not a Romeo I'm not a Casanova Just wanna shake you down ten times over I dream of you lying next to me So open the door for me

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