What Instruments Were Used In The Song "Thriller" By Michael Jackson?


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To try find the orchestration for "Thriller" what I did was open up a MIDI file the song. MIDI stands for Musical instrument Digital Interface, and it's a way of making a music file (just like an MP3), but which can be extracted into the individual parts as a score (sheet music). This is helpful for composers, because it means that they can send a relatively small file size and let people extract and remix, change parts, etc... In a program they care comfortable with.

The MIDI file for Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has a very complicated orchestration. This is because it not only employs live instruments, but also sound effects and electronic instruments (mainly synthesizers). The main instruments used are jazz guitars, bass guitar, drums, an electronic organ and a synthesized piano. Electronic instruments are mainly synth pads: Brightness, polysynth, bass + lead orchestra hit, bass, FM. Then other instruments are: Shamisen, Shanai and voice (vocals and whistling).
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