How Can I Find Local Newspaper Archives For Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, UK?


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News in local papers january 2009
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  The process is quite easy as you are living in the era of internet and all the newspapers are going online themselves, you can easily find the archive. I can give you the website address of one of the newspapers that has its archive section also and provides information about the archive online. The website address is following:

  Though I have given you the information about one particular website, you can get more information with some simple steps. What you are required to do is to open the website of any leading search engine and type the name of the newspaper the archive of which you want to visit. You will find that in a fraction of second you have the website address of the particular newspaper and you can visit the archive section of the newspaper.
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One of the main newspapers in Milton Keynes is called The Citizen, you could try their website or contacting them to get access to archieved material.

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