What Are The Advantages Of Radio?


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The most important advantage radio offers is its ability to reach specific audiences through specialized programming. In addition, radio can be adapted for different parts of the country and can reach people at different times of the day. For example, radio is the ideal means of reaching people driving to and from work.

Known as drive time, these radio time slots provides the best audience for many advertisers. Pizza hut, for instance, reached out to its target audience of women making dinner choices by using radio during 4 to 5 pm time slot.

Radio offers advertisers flexibility. Of all media, radio has the shortest closing period. Copy can be submitted up to airtime. This flexibility allows advertisers to adjust to local market conditions, current news events, and even weather. For example, a local hardware store can quickly implement a snow shovel promotion the morning after a snowstorm. Radio's flexibility is also evident in its willingness to participate in promotional tie-ins such as store openings races, and so on.

Radio may be the least expensive of all media. And because airtime costs are low, extensive repetition is possible. In addition, the costs of producing a radio commercial can be low, particularly if local station announcers read the message. Radio's low cost and high reach of selected target groups make it an excellent supporting medium. In fact, the most appropriate role for most radio advertising in a supportive one.
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It has a wide reach,as it can reach the global audience and even all over the world.
It has good music for us to listen too.
It is a good way of advertising.!
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Advantages of FM Radio
• We can listen to music wherever we get radio reception.
• We don't need to use a storage device to store music when using a radio.
• We don’t need to pay for listing to the radio.
• Also we can listen to the radio any time and any place.   
• We can use a mobile phone to listen to the radio.
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Writing skills can be developed in radio due to preparation of speech.
Advantage to farmers in rural areas for educating them.
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1. Most interactive- the radio allows listeners to call in and talk to a radio personality immediately about a subject they are discussing. This makes the situation more interactive where a variety of listeners can interject their opinion and create a dialogue between the listening community.
2. Up to date and Accessible- radio is free and can be heard from a portable transmitter like a walkman, or in the car. This allows for the listener to receive up to date information as events are unfolding from virtually anywhere.
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Reaches specific target audience through specialised programming  it is universal  its reach is wide and efficiently enables one to multi task i.e cook as they listen to radio
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You can get the latest news and weather report,  find and enjoy latest music all over the world for free.
Also if you have a radio recorder to help you, you can record your favorite songs and shows at will, save music  as mp3, m4a, aac, wma, mav, ogg ,ape~ then can be listened on your phone and psp and so on, enjoy them at anywhere and anytime you like.
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* Rates can generally be negotiated
* During the past ten years, radio rates have seen less inflation than those for other media
* Free creative help is often available 
* The vast array of radio program formats offers to efficiently target companies advertising    rupees to narrowly defined segments of consumers most likely to respond to their offers. 
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I'm not sure if you're implying to now or just in general, but what I know is that without the radio and radio waves, we wouldn't have such quick communication. The naval forces have one, all ships have one (ever since the titanic, each radio has two operators.) It's a universal medium and it's enjoyed by all. As stated in previous answers, it's great for business advertisement because of it's low cost and repetition. All in all, the radio has and probably always will be an important and helpful innovation. (haha, did you know that they discovered radio waves back in the early-mid 1800s? That's awesome.)
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Hello Zobia,

Even though radio advertising doesn’t get a lot of press, as an advertising medium it really has a lot of advantages. Let’s review.

It’s affordable

Your audience is already segmented for you.

Production costs are low.

Radio gets results.

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