What Is A Linked Detached House?


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A link-detached house is one which is mostly detached, as opposed to terraced or semi-detached, but linked to the neighbouring house at some point. The link is often made at the point where a garage, or pair of garages, is set in between the two houses. This allows a developer to claim most of the privacy benefits of a detached home, but save costs by sharing the walls supporting the garage or garages.

They can also be linked at the foundations, so a developer can build a large run of foundations in one go, which is faster and therefore cheaper, then build the individual houses above.

Most of the link-detached houses and bungalows in the United Kingdom were built between the 1960's and 1980's but a small number are still built today.
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I have a linked detatched house and needing to replace my garage roof due to leaking,  do I have the rights to cut into my neigbours brick work to put in the new felt or led flashing.
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I think like the definition implies, the houses are mostly detached except for one point or location where they actually are linked. It is probably not the main walls of the home, probably an external garage that shares a point on the perimeter of the property. Best to look at examples on Google images to get a better idea.

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