What Is The Meaning Of The Word 'Linger'?


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The verb to linger, means to stay around, or to be present for longer than expected. So for example you could use it in this way in a sentence;
The party was so full of interesting people that I felt reluctant to leave, and as it was, I lingered till 2 am.

Another way this word may be used is as an adjective to describe things or situations.
So for example; After we bought the house from the woman who owned 10 cats, there was a lingering smell of cats for years.

Or for a situation: After the retrenchments that happened in my company last year, I am left with a lingering sense of doom that my turn will come soon.
So to linger is the verb, the past tense of the verb is lingered, and the adjective is lingering, which is also used as the present continuous form of the verb

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