Which Celebrities Wear Thongs?


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Almost every female celebrity has probably worn a thong at some point in her life.

This is because thongs are the underwear of choice among celebs, and are considered more sexy and flattering than briefs or panties.

For celebs who like showing off their underwear, the thong is certainly the way to go.

Celebrities wearing thongs A number of celebs have been photographed wearing thongs. Everyone from Nicole Kidman to Rihanna has appeared in candid paparazzi photos sporting the revealing underwear (the picture above is of Nicole Ritchie giving us a peek of her thong).

Whilst some stars choose to flaunt their sexy underwear in 'glamour photo-shoots', others are slightly more discreet and can only be identified as thong-wearers through the outline of a thong that's visible through their clothing.

For pictures of celebs wearing thongs, I'd recommend you pay a visit to
The website has great pictures of everyone from Gwen Stefani to Halle Berry sporting thongs or g-strings.

The thong trend isn't even unique to female celebrities. British actor Sasha Baron Cohen regularly appears wearing a lime-green 'mankini' as his TV character Borat.
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I love Nancy Drew and have watched the 2007 movie with Emma Roberts several times.

There is a scene towards the end of the movie where Nancy, who is wearing a pair of tight trousers, climbs and crawls through a tunnel, but there are no visible panty lines.

As a girl, this makes me think that Emma was wearing either a thong or g-string panties in that scene (although it would be totally out of character for Nancy Drew to be wearing g-string pants).
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They look super sexy on lean body

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