What Celebrities Have A Skype?


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According to www.coolspotters.com, Hayden Panettiere, Emilie de Ravin, and Tom Green use Skype.

  • Celebrities on Skype
Despite the answer that the three celebrities mentioned used Skype the information may be false. Most celebrities like their privacy. There is every chance that they use certain online messaging services such as Skype; however, they are not going to announce it or broadcast it to the average person. Celebrities want to keep their lives private. This means hiding what they may actually use in the way of Skype and other online programs.

  • Sites that offer Skype information
Sites that offer Skype information may not be legitimate. While sites such as www.coolspotters.com seem legitimate, you never know if the information is actually accurate. This is again due to the fact that celebrities tend to keep their private lives private. They do not want to be contacted by the average person on their Skype account if they have one.

  • Privacy laws
There are several privacy laws in existence. Some of these privacy laws deal with online portals such as Skype. Skype, like most communication programs is supposed to be anonymous unless you want to share your information with friends or others. In the past Skype has been less protected than other options such as Yahoo or MSN Live. For those who have signed up for Skype free they have noticed a lot of spam such as Viagra messages.

Like most people, celebrities are not going to want to deal with this, so they will tend to go with mobile phones for their communications and other options. In general celebrities do not broadcast what they use. You may even find that Twitter or Facebook is updated by their managers due to time constraints. Some celebrities may update these accounts, but again they will remain private meaning no shared contact information.

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I don't think, any celebritiy would be having skype. The problem is you need to on your system whenever you need to call someone. Celebrities have lots of money and they can easily afford genuine voip providers like axvoice, nextiva etc. They don't need to use a software which has very limited capabilities.
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Miley Cyrus

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