Have you ever met a celebrity? And what were they like?


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I met julia roberts once she was a sour wort! I didnt even say hi to her, I got up to get a straw at the counter where I was eating and she assumed it was towards her and started talking alot of crap when I laughed she turned red and I wonder if she was embarrassed or not. I met mike myers from waynes world, technically he played hockey in the rink in my neighborhood in ny for agood few years he was always really nice to my sisters and I and even brought us ice cream a few times because we used to throw the pucks back to them if they went over the fence

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I used to work and socialize in a few bars in London, and every once in a while a celebrity would turn up and everyone would get all excited.

Most of them were British "celebrities" from Eastenders (a British soap opera) or Big Brother, but occasionally we'd get someone interesting show up.

Joseph Gordon Levitt was probably one of the most famous.

I also served Justin Hawkins from the band The Darkness, even though he was "less than sober"

The wildest would have to be bumping into the cast of Canadian "mockumentary" The Trailer Park Boys in a bar. That was an erm... Interesting evening.

Overall, most famous people I've met have been pretty laid back, so I don't have any complaints or scandals to share. Although comedian Jimmy Carr wasn't as funny in real life, he looked kinda glum.

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I had lunch with Charlie Sheen when I was around 10, saw Mark Harmon and got autograph, my aunt dated the old guy on SNL who used to play the guitar at breaks, hung out with the group 'Disturbed' for a weekend at the house of blues in Chicago, had lunch with Cypress Hill, had Rob Zombie sing to me and touch my hand. May be more, but I have to think

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Natalie Jo Price
I had an ex who's dad owned a concert venue and I got to be backstage a lot. When I met disturbed, I went with my sis for her bday because she LOVED them, I didn't care too much for them, but as a bday surprise for her, I got in good with a security guy who let me her and a friend hang out backstage with the band after each show we went to. (She had tickets for both their performances so we spent the whole weekend at the house of blues in Chicago) She had a great bday obviously.
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yes hunter hayes mickey gilley lady gaga katy perry taylor swift maroon 5
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I was at a party with a good friend back in 1993 in Passidena Texad. Clay Walker. He was very rude and not friendly at all. I called him a rude lil pinhead.

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