Who Is The Opera Singer In The Movie Pretty Woman?


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The two opera singers in the movie Pretty Woman were played by Karin Calabro (Violetta) and Bruce Eckstut (Alfredo). They make an appearance when main characters Edward and Vivian visit the opera house to see 'La Traviata'.

La Traviata was written by Giuseppe Verdi and was set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. It is an opera made up of three acts and the title literally means 'the fallen woman'. The story begins as Violetta, a famous courtesan, celebrates recovering from an illness. She is introduced to Alfredo who has always longed for Violetta from afar and he later tells her at the party that he loves her. Violetta rejects him at first, claiming that his love means nothing to her. However, she feels something for the gentleman and gives him a flower, telling him to return to her when it wilts.

Act two skips forwards three months to when Alfredo and Violetta are living together happily and in love. When Alfredo discovers Violetta has been selling their possessions to fund their lifestyle he returns to Paris to settle things. Meanwhile Violetta is convinced by Alfredo's father to break off the relationship and as she writes her farewell letter to Alfredo he returns home. She hands him the letter and rushes off to Paris, leaving Alfredo suspicious and he decides to follow her.

At the party, Violetta is afraid that her former lover will challenge Alfredo to a duel so she asks him to leave. Alfredo misunderstands and demands that she announce her love for her former lover. She does, with regret, and Alfredo humiliates her in front of all the other guests. In act three we discover that Violetta is dying, Alfredo is made aware that Violetta was always in love with him and he rushes back to see her. It is too late and after their reunion, Violetta dies in Alfredo's arms.

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The name of the opera featured in the movie is called La Traviata.
The piano piece which Richard Gere's character plays in the hotel lobby was composed and performed by Gere.  
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Karin Calabro

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