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Hello Ina,  
I am a huge fan of yours.  I love your show on TV.  You are my favorite of them all.  I am thinking of having four couples over for a summer time luncheon and want to do a chicken salad with Mandarin oranges, grapes and nuts but not exactly sure about the recipe or how to plate it up.    I also am not sure what to serve along with the chicken salad.  For dessert I had thought about a fresh fruit salad with sweet and tasty juices to serve along with my famous cream cheese pound cake and whipped cream.  Any recipes/ideas for the chicken salad and fruit salad will be most appreciated.  I would also appreciate some ideas on how to serve this luncheon up to look pretty while keeping it simple and easy.  By the way, I would like to buy one of your books on easy and simple entertaining.  Will you give me the name of one?

Thanks.....Bren from Tennessee
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Hello Ina,
This is more of a request. I own and enjoy using almost all of your cookbooks. There is one small request which would make life so much easier. I would love an alphabetical list of all the recipes in all the books so I don't have to try and remember which cookbook has which recipe. I love sitting and planning party menus from your cook books but spend so much time going back and forth to find a recipe in "which books?"
Warmest Regards,
Lynda Dixon
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Hello Ina, my daughter and I were in Paris this past May 2011. I had this dinner of toast, tomatoes and goat cheese with olive oil and some very small green spice. The goat cheese was large like the tomatoes and oh my god it was good. I would like to make it at home can you help with a more clear recipe. I really like Paris and  the hop on hop off boat. It was our bad luck to be there on a Tuesday as the Louvre is closed on Tuesday.  This does make a reason to return and the food as well.
Stephanie Carlsen
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All I woukd like to say is I am a big fan-LOVE HER STYLE--love the recipes--never let me down--always makes me look good--can relate to Long Island and the east end--born and raised here myself-she's gratious,charming,witty----no wonder she has such good friends----wish I was one of them--only wish she had more shows---but that could be tough with her other obligations---If Barbara ever retires and she needs another assistant--I'm available----laura lombardo
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I would love to meet Ina Garten. She is idol for cooking and her life with Jeffery seems like a dream. Does Ina ever meet people or is she private? I love her home on the tv show. My name is Vicki Albright and I live in Illinois. I watch her shows all day and even the repeats.
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Dear Ina  I was hoping that you might have some sort of clothing retail
we collect aprons and would love to sport one that describes our
favorite "CHEF"

Love you and you and your show.

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Ina I watch your cooking show.  But to this day I haven't figure out,
what are exactly capers?????I have never heard of them before your
cooking show.  Gladys Eliason at Warner Robins Ga.
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I love Swiss Chard but I only  know to use it in a salad or cook it like spinach.  Is there any other way?   Lynn Pollinger  Charlotte NC.
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Hi Ina, Great to see you at the Mall at Short Hills at your book signing on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010.  You sure are beautiful...inside and out! My name is Rose.  I am the one on line that told you to cook more lebanese food and mentioned a dessert called, "Knafi Bin-Jiban".  You jotted it down, but I could not elaborate due to your huge line at the store. It is shredded filo dough called, "burma" that you can pick up in a middle eastern store (or greek store sometimes too).  The reason I thought I would mention it to you is because it is sooooo easy, so delicious and think that it would be a different and exotic dessert.  It is crunchy (the burma has the texture of shredded wheat, but buttery because it is filo dough), creamy (with ricotta cheese) and is served with a sweet, aromatic sugar syrup (with a few drops of rose water).  I like it best served right out of the oven hot, with the cold syrup drizzled over the toasted, craggy surface.   Who knows, maybe you can make it main stream here in the U.S.  15 years ago, not many people knew what hummus or tabbouli were! Best of luck and life to you. Take care, Rose
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Are you all aware Ina Garten allowed "father of  the year" Alex Baldwin on her program which was aired today on 1/24/11.  If you are not aware Mr. Baldwin berated his 11 year old daughter for not calling him.  From the story from the link below:
He berated her, yelling and called her a selfish little pig. He said he didn't care if she was only a child, almost twelve years old, he was going to tell her what he thought and how he felt. He was going to fly over there and straighten her ass out.
Ina made a huge mistake in allowing this child abuser on her show.  Please contact Food Network and let them know that this child abuser should not have been on Ina's show and the show needs to be deleted from their listings immediately.
Story link:
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Previously, there was a great chance of meeting the author in her store which was known as 'Barefoot Contessa' but now the store is not longer open. The only way of contacting her is by inquiring about her in the office. The office is located in East Hampton, New York, and Ina Garten visits the office quite often. In spite of the store being closed, you can still order some of her food by contacting the office or placing an order online on her official web site. The official web site of the author is There is also an email address of the author which you can mail her your qualms and queries and she will reply to you in a couple of days.

The author loves to interact with her fans and replies to all of their queries and also makes many public appearances.
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I am interested in Ina's glassware. I thought it was Simon Pearce, but can't find it though him.Also, does Ina ever do cooking glasses? Would be interested.
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Ms. Garten,
I am continually inspried by you and your passionate love of food. My main reason in writing to you is because a customer came into the store looking for au grtin dishes. Both she and her husband were so in tune with one another.As our rapport built she informed me she had been on the couch for the past fives from chemo. However, she spoke about you and her need for these dishes so that she could prepare for 11 guests. The recipe was your and how much she loved you. Thank you,Patr
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Hi Ina

My name is Tracy Ann & i'm from Ireland, i just want to let you know how much i love your show so much so that i watch threpeats again & again. I love the way you are so homely and down to earth, you use all your ingredients and always scrape out every last bit as not to waste, i hate when chefs don't do that. Today you use a very unchefy term, muctch, which i loved as you show people that everyone can do what you do. I love when Your beloved, Geffeory is on the show.YOU'RE GREAT,ACE

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