Is Justin Bieber really that cute?


6 Answers

Miguel Montana Profile
Miguel Montana answered
Well here's a little tip, attraction is based on individualized perception. I might think JB is cute, you might not, am I in the wrong for thinking that? No, I just have a different taste in people than you do.

Simple as that really.

No I don't think he's cute, I don't bend that way.
star Shailz Profile
star Shailz answered
Loool i think so
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Yes, I would say he is a cute kid .  I am not a big fan by the way .  But I do think he has got talent . 
Vanessa Violet Profile
Vanessa Violet answered
Not every1 agree that he's hot but I think most of the peoples will think that he kinda cute.But I think he's my Prince Charming xDD Everyone has a different taste. Some people like guys that are not so cute but are honest or funny or something else. ^^

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