Who's Hotter Ryan Sheckler Or Justin Bieber...i Say Ryan But One Of My Friends Is In Love With Justin Bieber What Do U Think?


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Justin Bieber is so hot I wish I can date him so bad
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Yeah Justin Bieber is wayyyyyy harrddddlyyyyy hoootttterrrr thhhennn ryan...no offence but ryan looks like my ass..ohh wait my ass is hotter than ryan
Charde Moore
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I luv justin bieber
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I didn't even hear of Ryan Sheckler until you just mentioned it...
Well, to be honest I never liked Justin Bieber before I got to know his beliefs in an interview and then watched his videos on youtube.

I would be slaughtered by my friends if they ever knew, but Justin is, uh, really, well, cute. XD I feel so stupid saying this though because he has about a bajillion people who think the same thing, except who liked him for his singing first.
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I think Justin bieber is wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaay hotter than ryan sheckeler.My friends think that ryan is cutter, so I'm like, what are yall saying.My friends just have bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbad taste.
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Ummm well I'm like in Love with Justin Bieber,  so yea I go for JB, But Ryan is hot, but nowhere near as gorgeous as Justin lol x
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Oh boy, I remember both now. I thought they both kinda looked alike. That would be a tie, but I'd choose JB still.
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Neither!I hate them both. But justin bieber is dating a 19 year old name dylan martenez!
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Wow what is it with JB dating 19 yr olds... O>o I'm sorry but a girl two years older and him younger is just..... Strange?
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Justin bieber justin bieber justin bieber because he is well hotter thn any1 else n n1 will take his place
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I think justin bibeber, hes so fit and he gets all the girls! I love him and I seen his first uk tour! ;]<3
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Well I say justin bieber  because he is socute I love him I want him badly and this ryan guy can f....! Of course justin biber is the hottest and the sexyest and popular
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RYAN SHECKLER Justin bieber is a wee lassy compared to Ryan with that helmet on his head.. No offense to Bieber fans, justin is cute but Ryan is better
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:)>- ;;) :)>- some known Justin Bieber tell me please :)>- ;;) :)>-

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