Ryan (nigahiga) Higa or KevJumba? I LOVE Ryan, but I just discovered Kevin and he's so cute[x which is cooler in your opinion


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Well clearly they are both hugely talented and successful and made names for themselves via YouTube, they are also both of Asian origin - so there are a few similarities between the two. They both also see themselves as comedians and entertainers.

  • Kevjumba

Kevjumba seems to be the one that people like at the moment and arguably the more talented of the two. It has been suggested that Kevjumba is not a comedian by design - but just someone who enjoys making videos and telling stories.

However, his delivery and facial expressions make him a very funny guy indeed. He is currently studying film at the University of California and using YouTube to promote his work after being inspired by other comedians. A couple of failed TV roles means that he will now be relying on YouTube to get his career up and running.

It appears that he is getting noticed and other people have being able to get a big break due to YouTube - so it can certainly be a viable route to success.

  • Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa is also taking advantage of the YouTube resource to make a name for himself and demonstrate his talent. Higa has decided to go down the road of creating a YouTube channel for himself, which he calls Nigahiga.

This YouTube channel has over 4.1 million subscribers and that makes it the second most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. His success on YouTube has already been noticed and has already starred in a feature film - more success in sure to come his way in the coming years, and of the two, Higa looks the more likely to break into the film industry in the near future.

But make no mistake they are both hugely talented entertainers with big futures. You can see many videos by both guys on YouTube.

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