I love Ryan Higa so much. Does anybody else know/love him? He's amazing and hot


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Janey Profile
Janey answered
I like some of the music that he's written himself for some of the cool basslines, song melody and the drum rhythms.
Melon Head Profile
Melon Head answered
RYAN HIGA! I watch all his videos I don't think of him in the same way as you do because he is to old for me by he is a legend :D
Leslie Che Profile
Leslie Che answered
Hahaha yeah he's best well payed on youtube now
And he looks like my cousin :)
Tannis Mitchell Profile
Tannis Mitchell answered
He's cool, but I miss Sean Fugioshi, or however you spell it. Haha. Yeah, hes awesome, but I don't think of him as you do. Its kinda odd :P
Kaitlin Bleh Profile
Kaitlin Bleh answered
I know about him. I watched some of his videos. ( I am thinking you mean Niga Higa right?) But I never really got into his videos. I just didn't think he was that great. My favorite youtubers are Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert. Do you like them? :)

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