What Kind Of Writing Is Used In Ryan Sheckler's Tattoo?


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Although the professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler has a number of tattoos, it's probably safe to assume the tattoo you are referring to is the one of his last name 'Sheckler' - which is tattooed across his back between his shoulder blades.

Ryan Sheckler's tattoo design
There doesn't seem to be any information in the public domain regarding the font used for the lettering on Ryan Sheckler's back tattoo, and the most likely scenario is that it was either designed personally by the artist tattooing Ryan, or was a lettering that the tattoo parlour had in its personal collection.

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company
The tattoo parlour that is most likely to be credited with Ryan Sheckler's back design is H+H or Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company who are based in Palms Casino, Las Vegas. H+H is linked to the world of extreme sports like motocross, supercross, FMX, BMX and wakeboarding, as well as being associated with alternative music via links to punk bands like Pennywise.

The TV show INKED was filmed at the Las Vegas home of H+H and the company has branched out on the back of the popularity that it was given by this television exposure. It now has tattoo parlours in Orlando, Florida and Niagara, New York.

The tattoo artist who was responsible for Shawn Michaels' tattoo was Emiliano Gabaldon, whose Facebook page you can find here (perhaps adding him to your friends list and asking him about the font used on Ryan Sheckler would be one way of find out the information you need!).

A video of Gabaldon tattooing Sheckler has been made available online, probably by the sponsor prominently featured in the clip:

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Ryan Allen Sheckler is a famous American Skateboarder. He is also famous for his MTV Reality show "The life of Ryan. He has got his name tattoed on his back.

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