How Do I Redeem My Choice Rewards?


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Choice Rewards allow users to get points for every dollar they spend on their Choice credit card. These rewards can then be exchanged for goods and travel services. There are a number of ways for customers to take advantage of the points they’ve earned and use them to get free goodies.
The Choice Rewards website allows users to make the decision whether they want to spend their money on travel or to purchase an item from the Choice Rewards online catalogue.
The website gives you the choice of either of these options. Customers can use the state of the art travel booking service to get money off a range of travel services. Users can redeem points with almost any airline in the world, as well as choose to spend their points on travel bookings for vacations. There is also the choice to put your earned points against a hire car or a cruise. All of these can be done on the website, where a state of the art booking service allows users to spend Choice Rewards points.
Choice Rewards holders can also browse through the online catalogue at the same site and choose from a huge selection of goods. There are a huge amount of goods available for users of the Choice Rewards service. Users can then just order the goods using their card and the amount of points they have from the site and then they will receive them in the post.  This is an easy and nice free reward for using Choice Reward points.
These are the two ways that users of the credit cards can make the most from them and spend the points they’ve earned on goods and travel services.
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No, they do not give you any prizes, just for social status, bragging rights, higher rankings.
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They aren't really redeemable, they are used for your level and rank. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and click on help, in there you click on points and levels, you will see how they work here. Hope this helps.

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