How Do Sears Reward Points Work ?


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For every $1 you spend you receive 2 Sears Club Points. You must accumulate 1,000 points before you can exchange them for items. 1,000 point is equal to $10.

Sears is a North American department store that offers a range of items, from clothing to household appliances. The Sears Club Points scheme is easy and rewarding if you shop there frequently.  You may redeem the points for any item in the store or online and can also be used towards travel. You can also convert your points to be used at any of the participating Petro stations, to go towards your purchase of petrol. You may also donate your points to local charities within your community.
To apply for a sears card, or to redeem your points, you may do so online at or, in store, or call at 1-800-901-9978.

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