The Moons Up And The Suns Down, A Thousand Starry Eyes Have Caught Me Crying.... What Song Is This From?


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The song with the lyrics "the moons up and the suns down, a thousand starry eyes have caught me crying" is 'It's Gonna Be A Long Night' and it is officially by the Kids From Fame but the actual singer is Lori Singer (no pun intended)

Fame was the biggest thing on TV in the 80s, think High School Musical and treble it... Twice!

Just about everyone watched it, it had almost a cult following and leg warmers became fashionable because of it :-)

The Kids from Fame released five singles and seven albums in the space of two years. They even went on tour! There really was no stopping them, but it sounds a rather gruelling schedule to be honest.

Lori Singer, who played the character Julie Miller in Fame, also starred opposite Kevin Bacon in the film 'Footloose'.

She still acts and produces and is an accomplished cello player, playing at such places as the Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall.

Here's one of my favorite Fame videos for you to enjoy:

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