What Ever Happened To The Magician Paul Fiddler After He Did The Trade Show For Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon?


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Paul Fiddler has become an international performer. He has performed in various shows on Tv, on cruise ships and has also starred alongside many famous stars like Johnny Carson, Dick Clark etc. He lives in Las Vegas Nevada and constantly does shows in that area. You can contact him at the following address:
Paul Fidler
PO Box 71083
Las Vegas NV 89170-1083
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The magician Paul Fidler (only one "d" in Fidler) is still going strong in showbiz all over the world. I came across his website recently at www.PaulFidler.me and www.PyroPaul.com.
Mr. Fidler is also an inventor and a special effects expert and is Executive Vice President and co-owner of www.RockstarPyro.com.

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