Does Miranda Cosgrove Have A Fan Phone Number?


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No, Miranda Cosgrove does not have a fan phone number. She does have a Facebook fan page,, where you can leave comments that she may see. You can also chat to her fans and find out about what she is up to.
Miranda Cosgrove is a young American TV and film actress and has also released pop songs. One of her biggest roles was playing Summer Hathaway in School of Rock. The film was a huge box office hit starring Jack Black and her performance of Summer was praised by film critics. Miranda has since developed a love for rock music and has begun playing the electric guitar. She began her career when she was just 3 and appeared in television commercials for McDonalds and Mello Yello. She was also a child model and when she was 7 she began auditioning for roles on TV and in the theatre.
Other films that Miranda has starred in include:
· Yours, Mine and Ours
· Keeping up with the Steins
· Despicable Me
· Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie
· The Wild Stallion
· Merry Christmas Drake and Josh
TV Shows:
· Smallville
· Grounded for Life
· What's New, Scooby Doo?
· Drake and Josh
· Lilo And Stitch: The Series
· Zoey 101
· Just Jordan
· Unfabulous
· iCarly
· The Naked Brothers Band
· 7 Secrets with Miranda Cosgrove
· The Good Wife
· Big Time Rush
Miranda Cosgrove's singing career began when she sang the theme song to iCarly, 'Leave it all to me'. The song was released as a single and reached number 100 in the Billboard Hot 100. There was also an album released featuring other songs from the TV show and this album also reached number 100.
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You guys are all liars because I dialed them all and they didn't work and I am so sick of all you people thinking you know everything about Miranda Cosgrove I think you just want to be like her!
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Its 530-621-3695 you oh you make me mad now shes going to be upset that I gave it out
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Yes and I'm looking for it again
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Yea, she Totally does have a fan phone# you guys just don't noe it,iam going to check it out
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Yes she does I I can not tell you it I am 1 of her closet friends and I know her real phone number it is 304 456 6789
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No she does not because it is been illegal to have a fan phone number in the united states
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No, I don't she does. I think she just have a cell phone number, but I don't think these people anywhere close to her fan phone or even cell phonenumber.

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