What Is Miranda Cosgrove's Real Phone Number?


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Miranda Cosgrove is so famous that she will not be giving out her phone number especially on the Internet due to privacy reasons. She does have a MySpace that you can visit at www.myspace.com/mirandacosgroveofficial You can also try to see if you can locate her management or her agent's details so you can get in touch with her that way or request something like a signed photo or DVD.

Most celebrities will simply not consider distributing or putting out phone numbers for several reasons. The first is security, most celebrities need to be private individuals and not be hounded at all times. This could lead to a lot of uncomfortable situations because after all, these celebrities will not want ordinary people following them and popping up at their home or whilst they are out.

There have been a lot of cases where celebrities have had to make court appearances because they have been followed by fans and even high profile sports stars who have been followed to their home. This kind of behaviour is not to be practiced under any circumstances and could end up with a jail sentence for harassment.

Miranda Cosgrove would certainly not like people phoning her up every second of every day as this would be extremely stressful and uncomfortable and again would restrict her privacy. Although Miranda Cosgrove is a well-known pop artist as well as an actress that has appeared in films such as the School of Rock with Jack Black, she is also entitled to her own privacy. In this way, it will be impossible to obtain her direct phone number despite many people posting ones on the Internet which are clearly false.
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Suuuuure! ,go to where she lives/works and become her close friend and maybe one day she will give you her personal number.I don't even know who miranda cosgrove is.
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No because she doesnt give it out to her fans!!

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