What Is Beyonce Knowles Phone Number, Email And Address?


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Beyonce Knowles' personal contact information is not publicly available, a measure taken to protect her privacy and security. However, fans can keep up with Beyonce's activities via a number of online portals. is Beyonce's myspace page and features a number of photo galleries, her latest music videos, album artwork, blog entries, tour dates and comments posted to her from fans around the world. It's a great way to keep up with her touring schedule and check out her latest music! is a bit more full featured. The front page carries the latest music video (currently for 'Run the World') and a link to download a copy for yourself, and the rest of the website has latest news, events and tour dates, a discography, photo galleries, video galleries, press releases, a biography, an online shop, discussion forums, a timeline and an 'extras' page that carries some desktop wallpapers for your computer and some icons to use as display pictures for AIM or MSN messengers. is Beyonce's page on the Twitter microblog network, and she has almost 1,200,000 followers! It's a great way to see what Beyonce is doing on a day to day basis. is the wikipedia page for Beyonce Knowles. Whereas myspace and her website are mostly dedicated to promoting her music, the wikipedia page is more like an encyclopaedia entry on the artist. It has a wealth of information on her early life and career, including her beginnings with girl band Destiny's Child, her clothing line and her product endorsements. It also has information on her philanthropic activities, filmography and discography

Taking information from all of these websites will allow you to gain knowledge of Beyonce's personal life and history as well as her ever expanding career, and also enjoy her music and motion pictures whilst keeping well up to date with her touring and album release schedule.
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I don't have the email address but I have the mailing address it's:

Beyonce Knowles
c/o Paul Wilmot Communications
581 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Trust me it works because I got a letter and an autograph!!
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Y'all fake

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Try [email protected] she probably changed it but I sent her a letter last week asking for an autograph.                                         TRY IT.
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Dear Beyonce
I truly admire your tenacity and hard work. You deserve success and happiness in your life,
however, I have one complaint: You show too much of your body to the camera. It does not
look lady-like. I hope you make a comeback, reinvented, and somewhat classier than before.
Thank you for listening and much success.
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I just want to ask beyonce OR lady gaga if they have an official music video for "telephone" because I'm just getting fan made ones!! And they keep saying they r official but they arent!!! : - (

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