Does Dolly Parton Have Children?


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Dolly Parton has no children. The cause of this was an allergic reaction that she developed to a birth control drug that she had taken when she was younger.

She married her husband, Carl Dean in the May of 1966, when she was only 20 years old. Despite her busy lifestyle, she and Carl are still together. Her husband is said to be an extremely shy person who prefers to stay away from all the media glare and hype that surrounds his celebrity wife.

Dolly Parton was born in Tennessee in the year 1946. She had 11 other siblings and once described her family as being 'dirt poor' and lived in a one room house in Locust Ridge. Their condition was so bad that once Dolly started making a bit of money, she and her partner Carl actually raised 4 of dolly's younger siblings.
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I've known Dolly for about 15 years and NO she does not have children. She started Dollywood and many other things because of not having children of her own.
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No Dolly Parton doesn't have children but she is a godmother to Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter.
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No I don't think she has kids. Miley Cyrus is her goddaughter.
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Nope! The closest thing to her "child" is Miley Cyrus, who is her godchild, because Dolly is her godmother. Get it? She called Miley her daughter one time in an interview, and then she corrected herself!
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No. She loves children, but she doesn't have any.
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No dolly doesn't have children. I just watched her documentary and it's not because she took birth-control pills, its because she knew it wouldn't be fair as she'd have to leave them, because she was so involved with her career.
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No Dolly Patron does not have children. Why? She took a birth control drug when she was younger.
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No Dolly Parton does not have any children. She always wanted children but found that she was unable to have them. She and her husband Carl Dean tried to have children for many years but Dolly could never conceive.
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She can adopt me. Not to inherit her millions, but because both my parents abandoned me for selfish reasons. She'd be the perfect someone who could cheer me up when Im down, give me good advice and congratulate me when I have good news. 

I have a wonderful husband but there's nothing like a caring Mother. With her Christian family values, I know she'd be the best.

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I am not sure I think she might have some, but not too many. I think if she did, they would be in their 20-30s.

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