What Is The Name Of The Rolling Stones First Album?


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"The Rolling Stones" is the debut album of the band Rolling stones. It was released in the year 1964 in UK and a month later in the US with the title "England's Newest Hit Makers" and a song being changed from the original album.
The Album was recorded over a period of five days right through January and February 1964.

It was produced by their then managers Andrew Loog Oldham and Eric Easton. Decca records originally released The Rolling Stones album in UK. The US version which was called England's Newest Hit Makers was released by London records. After being released the album became 1964's biggest money spinners in UK. It reached the number #1 position on UK and US bill board charts and stayed there for 12 (UK) and 11 (US) weeks respectively. "Newest Hit Makers" (US version) went on to make it as a Gold Album.

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