What Was The Name Of Rod Stewart's First Band?


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Rod Stewart began his first stint in music as a street singer with Wizz Jones, a folk singer during the early 1960's. The job required him to travel around Europe. In the year 1964, he decided to join 'Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions' as a blues harp player as well as a vocalist. While he was with the band, by Long John Brady of 'The Hoochie Coochie Men' approached him and asked Rod to join his band. Rod did so and the band recorded one single that unfortunately couldn't make it make it big. However, the band and its musicians matured and then changed their name to 'Steampacket'.

'Steampacket' comprised of Rod Stewart, Brian Auger, Rick Brown, Julie Driscoll, Baldry and Mickey Waller. The band was supporters of 'The Walker Brothers' as well as 'The Rolling Stones'. The one album that they recorded was released much later, in 1970, once Stewart's image as a musician was well establish and people were more familiar with who he was. The band broke up in 1966 and Stewart went on to join 'The Shotgun Express' and various other bands.

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